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Sarr Green Hectares Gambia Ltd. is an emerging Agribusiness enterprise founded by a young agronomist Mr. Alfu M. Sarr and it is located at Ndofan in the North Bank Region of the Republic of the Gambia.

He engaged in organic production and commercialization of high quality agro products and offer reliable and affordable delivery services in The Gambia on high quality, nutritional, flavorful vegetables and fruits in a desirable and conducive environment while offering products at the best possible prices.

Before the year end 2026 with the intention of creating up to 50 jobs for youths.

Our Services




“Original and with an innate understanding of their customer’s needs, the team at Sarr Green Hectares Gambia Ltd. are always a pleasure to work with.”

Our Goals

Goal 1:

Sarr Green Hectares Gambia Ltd will grow by 65% steadily in few years in large part due to passive export sales.

With this export marketing plan, Sarr Green Hectares Gambia Ltd aims to develop and implement a proactive international strategy to assist the company in growing sustainably by testing assumptions against outside research and by properly allocating resources to support this effort.

Goal 2:

Sarr Green Hectares Gambia Ltd will identify emerging markets with growth potential; to become the leading market in these markets to offset growing international competition in mature markets.

Goal 3:

Sarr Green Hectares Gambia Ltd will develop international expertise, whether in-house or through a team of outside experts, in order to ensure long-term success in international sales.

This includes solving existing export questions, creating support strategies for international clients and providing education to key staff members.


Sarr Green Hectares Gambia Ltd strive to be the leader in growing healthy vegetables in The Gambia at a small village called Ndofan village; and its market become number one agricultural exporter to Dakar market. Sarr Green Hectares Gambia Ltd will work with our partners to reduce environmental impact using both traditional and progressive agricultural techniques, raising productivity without compromising the products and our brand image.

Core values

Our common bond is based on the following Innovation Commitment and Hard Work Respect for Individuals High Standard of Excellence Dedication to Our Stakeholders Team Work and Good Governance We shall continue to trade good business ideas that will combat the grassroots causes of high rate of poverty, unemployment, and climate change, urban and irregular migration. We shall strive hard to make sure that the best is achieved out of the rest.

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